SMART Indivo

What SMART adds to Indivo

What Indivo adds to SMART

Coming summer 2012: the SMART-Indivo Portal

How we did it

We won't bore you with the details, but at a high level, the SMART-Indivo integration is based on the acknowledgements that:

So essentially, we replaced functionality in the Indivo API and data models with their SMART equivalents. This allows Indivo to support the SMART standards, but also support Indivo features (like sharing) which do not yet have an equivalent in SMART. Here's a diagram of what the new SMART-enabled Indivo looks like, architecturally.

SMART-Indivo Architecture
Development Sandbox Removal

We will no longer be hosting a development sandbox for Indivo at If you wish to try out Indivo for yourself, please see the Indivo documentation for installation instructions.

Health and Wellness Innovation 2013

Indivo was excited to be an integral part of the Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 hackathon at MIT’s Media Lab. Coverage on Fast Company

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