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Isaac S. Kohane, MD, PhD
Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Kenneth D. Mandl, MD, MPH
Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Fabienne Bourgeois

Daniel J. Nigrin, MD, MS
CIO, Boston Children's Hospital and Investigator

Elissa R. Weitzman, ScD, MSc
Social-behavioral Epidemiologist / Investigator

Core Staff

Thomas McManus

Arjun Sanyal, BS


Peter Szolovits, PhD
Founder of the Guardian Angel project. Guardian Angel Manifesto.


Jonathan Abbett, MA
Ben Adida
Noah Cohen, MInf
William Crawford, BS, MBA
Phil Darnowsky
Nathan Finstein
Daisy Flemming
Travers Franckle
Clark Freifeld, BS
Daniel Haas
Zack Halloran
Lucas Jordan, MS
Justin Quan
Alberto Riva, PhD
Daniel Shaw
William Simons, MS
Steve Zabak

Development Sandbox Removal

We will no longer be hosting a development sandbox for Indivo at If you wish to try out Indivo for yourself, please see the Indivo documentation for installation instructions.

Health and Wellness Innovation 2013

Indivo was excited to be an integral part of the Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 hackathon at MIT’s Media Lab. Coverage on Fast Company

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