SMART-Indivo App Challenge Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our SMART-Indivo App Challenge!

First Place

Webnotes by Appled Informatics

Indivo WebNotes is a SMART-Indivo web app that enables patients to store web page snippets directly into their Indivo PCHR. The app works across all browsers as a bookmarklet and allows patients to categorize the link into different folders for their problems, medications, allergies or lab results. It also allows patients to share a given snippet with their care network or print to discuss with their health care providers.

Second Place

My Health Plus by Composite Apps

My Health Plus is a personal health dashboard that integrates SMART API, Indivo iOS framework, real time health data, and other external data sources into a visually appealing, understandable, and easy-to-use interface. The application offers patients the ease of managing their health information and the portability of medical records, implementing four key features: ease of use, value for your data, sharing capabilities, and data security. Medical records such as patients’ information, appointments, prescriptions, blood pressure readings, and other vital health metrics are retrieved from the Indivo Sandbox via the SMART API and the Indivo iOS framework and populated into My Health Plus.

Third Place

rxInfo by EXIM Services

rxInfo is a suite of SMART web applications designed to execute within SMART containers. Each app is a stand alone SMART app and operates independently of the other modules, making it easier for SMART container publishers to manage and control the functionality that is provided to their user communities. rxInfo is composed of 6 applications: rxBlueButton (viewer for personal health data as per the Blue Button Initiative), rxClinicalTrials (clinical trials locator), rxDrugInteractions (app for drug-to-drug interaction data), rxFDALabels (app with FDA Label information about marketed drugs), rxGraph (data visualization app) and rxHealthCenters (listing of local health centers).