Indivo X Version 1.0 Released

As of February 15th, the long-awaited Indivo X Production Release (v1.0.0) is finally available! We’ve spent the last few months fixing bugs, writing tests, and working on usability, and we are confident that Indivo is now ready to run in production environments. The latest version features a number of improvements, including:

Backend Server

UI Server

As our code is now entirely on github, you can get the release by pulling the latest changes for the Backend Server and the UI Server and checking out the tag v1.0.0. You can also find packaged versions of the release, which includes new versions of the Backend Server, the UI Server, and the Python client, on our wiki.

In addition, we’ve revamped our documentation, which is now written using the Sphinx documentation framework and hosted by readthedocs. Check it out here.

Also, we’ve set up Google Groups to archive posts to our mailing lists ( and The archives are now Google-indexed and fully searchable at and

Instructions for installing Indivo are on our wiki, as are instructions for upgrading Indivo. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and we hope you’ll play around with the release and give us some great feedback!

Check back in the coming weeks to hear more about our plans for a public-facing developer sandbox, an iOS framework for connecting your iphone apps to Indivo, integration of Indivo with the related SMART Platforms project, and more–stay tuned!

–The Indivo X Team