Indivo X Version 2.0 Released

As of June 18th, the fully SMART-enabled Indivo X Release (v2.0.0) is available! This release represents a major step forward in interoperability by providing deep integration with the SMART data models and API. SMART apps will now be able to run unaltered on Indivo, or enhanced to take advantage of Indivo’s full API. We’ll be talking more about how this will impact the community at our annual Users’ Conference, which is occurring today at Harvard Medical School’s Countway Library.

Also included in this release are a number of other improvements, including:

Backend Server

UI Server

Python Client

As our code is now entirely on github, you can get the release by pulling the latest changes for the Backend Server, the UI Server, and the Python Client, and checking out the tag v2.0.0. You can also find packaged versions of the release, which includes new versions of the Backend Server, the UI Server, and the Python client, on our wiki.

Our documentation has been expanded to include descriptions of new features, as well as more detail on existing ones. Check it out here.

Instructions for installing Indivo are on our wiki, as are instructions for upgrading Indivo. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and we hope you’ll play around with the release and give us some great feedback!

We hope you’ll join us over the next two days at the Users’ Conference for discussion of the new release and the future of the Indivo project, as well as a full-day hackathon at which we hope to start building some great apps. Until then, enjoy the release!

–The Indivo X Team