Indivo part of "the Innovator's Prescription"

Noted Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, author of the modern classic "The Innovator's Dilemma" and its theme, Disruptive Technology, features Indivo prominently in his new book, The Innovator's Prescription, which tackles disruptive innovation in the health care sector: Christensen compares Indivo to Toyota’s revolution in manufacturing, when the company abandoned hierarchical centralized systems that ineffectively dispensed information to the myriad workers, distributed through the plant, and instead, moved QC information through the plant with the car—so that it was always visible and available to anyone who needed it. He goes on to say that
We cannot overstate how important PHRs are to the efficient functioning of a low-cost, high-quality health-care system. [...] We think that the Indivo system, or something like it, is a good place to start.