License and Trademark

We are working to build an open community of collaborators around Indivo X. Our code and documentation are free/open-source. Specifically:

If you want to submit a patch back to us, you need to agree to license your code under the same license we use. If you want to submit some documentation to our wiki, you need to agree to the Creative Commons Attribution license. We do not ask you to assign copyright to us, only to license your code and documentation as we do.

Importantly, if you do distribute applications and changes to the Indivo X source code, you cannot use the Indivo trademark. If you believe your product is Indivo compatible, contact us at If you comply with the Indivo API, we will grant you permission to call your product "Indivo-compatible." In the next few months, we will define a fair and open policy that allows you to determine on your own whether your app is indeed "Indivo compatible." While we define this, please refrain from using our trademark unless we give you explicit permission. We want to ensure that the terms "Indivo compatible" and "Indivo app" are truly meaningful to end-users.

What does this all mean? Informally, you can write your Indivo app and release it in any way you choose: from the most open license to the most proprietary approach. However, if you modify and redistribute changes to the Indivo X servers themselves, those need to be freely licensed, so that the community can benefit from those enhancements to the base platform. For now, you cannot use the "Indivo" trademark in your own products. Soon, we will have a set of conformance tests that will let you call your app "Indivo compatible" if it passes the tests.

Development Sandbox Removal

We will no longer be hosting a development sandbox for Indivo at If you wish to try out Indivo for yourself, please see the Indivo documentation for installation instructions.

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