IndivoHealth News Radiant CMS Children's Hospital Informatics Program, Boston 2014-05-14T13:23:23Z Travers Franckle 2014-05-14T13:23:23Z 2014-05-14T13:23:23Z Development Sandbox Removal <p>We will no longer be hosting a development sandbox for Indivo at If you wish to try out Indivo for yourself, please see the <a href="">Indivo documentation</a> for installation instructions.</p> Travers Franckle 2013-02-05T19:08:59Z 2013-02-05T19:08:59Z Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 <p>Indivo was excited to be an integral part of the <a href="">Health and Wellness Innovation 2013</a> hackathon at MIT&#8217;s Media Lab. Coverage on <a href="">Fast Company</a></p> Travers Franckle 2013-02-05T19:34:07Z 2013-02-05T19:34:07Z SMART-Indivo App Challenge Winners <p>Check out the winners of our SMART-Indivo App Challenge</p> Travers Franckle 2012-08-03T17:46:36Z 2012-08-03T17:46:36Z Health 2.0 Blogs about the App Challenge <p>Health 2.0 <a href="">covers</a> the SMART-Indivo App Challenge and its crowd-sourcing of app creation.</p> Travers Franckle 2012-07-09T15:52:11Z 2012-07-09T15:52:11Z SMART-Indivo App Challenge <p>The SMART-Indivo App Challenge has been <a href="">posted</a> to the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge site.</p> Travers Franckle 2012-06-22T16:40:37Z 2012-06-22T16:40:37Z O'Reilly Radar Covers Indivo X Users' Conference Andy Oram from O’Reilly Media provides insightful coverage of the Indivo X Users' Conference Daniel Haas 2012-06-22T16:43:47Z 2012-06-22T16:43:47Z Indivo Users' Conference: Slides and Recap Slides from the 2012 Indivo X Users' Conference are now available! Click through for the link, and a recap of the event. Daniel Haas 2012-02-15T16:18:31Z 2012-02-15T16:18:31Z Indivo X Version 2.0 Released As of June 18th, the fully SMART-enabled Indivo X Release (v2.0.0) is available! Click through for features, links to the new documentation, and more. Ken Mandl 2012-06-14T20:05:42Z 2012-06-14T20:05:42Z In the New England Journal of Medicine: Letting the Air out of EHRs In the design of EMRs, Only a small subset of loosely coupled information technologies need to be highly specific to health care. Many components can be generic:<a href=""> Ken Mandl 2012-05-15T17:58:31Z 2012-05-15T17:58:31Z National Coordinator Cites SMART as #1 Approach for Government Improving HIT National Coordinator Cites SMART as #1 Approach for Government Improving HIT