Indivo is the original personal health platform, enabling an individual to own and manage a complete, secure, digital copy of her health and wellness information. Indivo integrates health information across sites of care and over time. Indivo is free and open-source, uses open, unencumbered standards, including those from the SMART Platforms project and is actively deployed in diverse settings.

Indivo is now SMART-Enabled

Indivo fully supports substitutable apps compliant with the ONC-funded SMART Platforms project. Read more.

The Indivo Movie

Produced by Jesse Dylan's Wondros, and voiced by Amy Madigan.

Health and Wellness Innovation 2013

Indivo was excited to be an integral part of the Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 hackathon at MIT’s Media Lab. Coverage on Fast Company

SMART-Indivo App Challenge Winners

Check out the winners of our SMART-Indivo App Challenge

Health 2.0 Blogs about the App Challenge

Health 2.0 covers the SMART-Indivo App Challenge and its crowd-sourcing of app creation.

SMART-Indivo App Challenge

The SMART-Indivo App Challenge has been posted to the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge site.

More at our Blog.

“We cannot overstate how important PHRs are to the efficient functioning of a low-cost, high-quality health-care system. [...] We think that the Indivo system, or something like it, is a good place to start.”

Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

“The Indivo platform is enabling a powerful change in the way health care consumers can access and control their data and make informed health care decisions.”

Colin Evans, President and CEO, Dossia Consortium.

“The National Library of Medicine (NLM) was delighted that this project, which it nurtured and funded from the onset, will be used to give millions of American citizens control of their medical information to improve their care and protect their privacy.”

Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD, Director of the National Library of Medicine

“I have long followed and supported Indivo, an early and disruptive innovation in the personal health record space.”

John Halamka, CIO CareGroup Health System

“If you ask me, Indivo is the most thoughtful and firmly grounded PHR project in the country, bar none.”

Micky Tripathi, President and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

“Change has started, and by 2010 Web records will be ubiquitous. The patient who wants good care should campaign for a Web record as soon as possible. [Indivo] has come closest to realising this vision and the aim is to create a patient-owned record”

Sir Muir Gray, principal architect of the UK health information infrastructure overhaul